The World Health Organisation [W.H.O.] gave the following definition of health in 1948. Health is state of complete physical,

mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 
The WHO definition of health recognizes three dimension of health i.e. Physical, mental and social.
In 1978 this definition was updated by including- the ability to lead a "Socially and economically productive life".
It is rightly said that Health is Wealth. There are various factors which influence health.

These factors lie both within the individual and also in the society in which he or she lives

. The internal factors are basically the genetic make-up of an individual while external factors lie in the environment to which he/she is exposed.
Personal health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Community health comprises of maintaining, improving
and protecting the health of entire community.

    The various factors that help in maintaining community health are :

    (i)    Maintaining proper hygienic and sanitary conditions of the environment.
    (ii)   Providing good socio-economic conditions.
    (iii)   Providing health care services.
    (iv)   Imparting health education and promoting  public awareness.
    (v)    Providing proper facilities for preventing diseases.
    Basic conditions for good health :

 Sound mind in a sound body is the old saying and expresses the importance of good health.
    (i) Balanced diet                        (ii) Personal hygiene               (iii) Clean surroundings        
    (iv) Clean food and water          (v) Clean air                            (vi) Exercise and relaxation    
    (vii) No addictions                    (viii) Good economic conditions



    The word disease (dis-ease) literally means disturbed ease or uncomfortable.

    Thus disease can be defined as "Malfunctioning of the body or a part of it due to one reason or the other". 
    Disease is a condition of the body or
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