IIT Jee Mathematics 1 Competition Book

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In IIT-JEE Exam Maths is also an important subject to prepare.The Only way to get good score in maths is just practice.For Many Students it is tough subject on the other hand for some students is also easy..


Maths is considered as one of the toughest subect as in contain lots of formulas ,theorems,calculation etc.It can be a scoring subject if prepared well.Students should practice maths regularly at least 2 hours to get a good score.Students should first go through the NCERT Books throughly to clear their basics.In NCERT books topics are explained in a detailed way with related examples. It can be rank factor subject if prepared well, if your logics, your concept are clear then you can achieve a good result in it..IIT JEE exam mainly test the students aptitude and and knowledge..so students who wants to clear iit jee exam should have the deep knowlegde of the topic.. Student should practice atleast 20 to 25 questions related to one topic daily. As some calculations are time consuming so students should start with easy to moderated the move towards high level questions as it increases confidence level.. And to clear any exam apart from knowledge confidence in also an important factor.


01. Three-Dimensional Geometry

02. Application of Derivatives

03. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability

04. Matrices and Determinants

05. Coordinates and Straight Lines, Pair of Straight Lines

06. Sequence and Series

07. Vectors

08. Circle

09. Probability

10. Statistics

11. Complex Numbers

12. Differential Equations