IIT Jee Chemistry 1 Competition Book

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Chemistry is one of main subject for preparation of  IIT-JEE exam.Many people thinks that if they have many resources then they can prepare well but its not true.. Having deep knowledge of concepts is the only way to clear your exam.


To Clear the JEE Exam it is very important for students to have a complete understanding of topics. There is difference between JEE Mains and JEE Advanced .. JEE Mains contain syllabus basically related to NCERT books level while JEE Advanced contain deep knowledge of the topic.To Prepare for IIT JEE Exams it is very necessary to understand all the topics in a detailed way.Chemistry is a subject which contains so many formulas ,compounds etc.. To make your preparation strong you should also analysis the previous years question paper.. Analyse the pattern of previous year paper to prepare well for your exam.


1.Atomic Structure

2.Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry

3.Thermodynamics And Gaseous State

4.Periodic table and Representative Elements

5. Chemical Bonding

6.Chemical And Ionic Equilibrium

7.Solid State And Surface Chemistry

8.Nuclear Chemistry And Environment Chemistry