Class 8 Social Science Manufacturing Industries



·    Industry : An economic activity that is concerned with production of goods. extraction of minerals or provision of services. 
·    Manufacturing : The conversion of raw materials into useful commodities. 
·    Cottage Industry : Industry carried by members of a family in their home. 
·    Basic Industry : The industry which serves as a base for the growth of other industries. 
·    Consumer Industry : The industry whose goods are directly used by consumers. 
·    Industrial Regions or Complexes : Industrial regions or complexes are those areas where Industries cluster together to take advantage of the raw materials available. 
·    Infrastructure : Development of social and economic structure which forms the basis of overall development of a country.  
·    Public Sector Industry : Industry which is controlled by the Government and is run for the welfare of the people. 
·    Private Sector Industry : Industry owned by individuals or private persons and is run for the motive of gaining money. 
·    Primary Products : Products obtained from nature directly like agriculture, animal husbandry, mining etc. 
·    Secondary Products : Products obtained from factory where the primary product is being processed into consumer goods like, cloth, sugar etc. 
·    Raw Materials : Crude materials or mineral ores which can be processed into a fine product. 
·    Perishable : Materials which cannot be sustained and are liable to decay or spoilage. 
·    Synthetic Fibre : Fibre obtained and synthesised from chemicals especially hydrocarbons e.g., nylon, rayon etc. 
·    Flux : A substance that reduces the melting point of a mixture. 
·    Infrastructure : Inputs or local facilities required for the establishment and growth of industrial unit. 
·    Information Technology : A system through which we can store, process and distribute information at great speed with the help of computers, calculators, telephones etc. 

·    Industrial System. A system in a production unit which comprises inputs, processes and outputs is known as industrial system. 
·    Industrial Disaster. The mishappening or disaster occurring at ,industrial level is known .as industrial disaster. This disaster occurs due to technical failure or ill handling of hazardous materials. 
·    Smelting. Extracting of metals from their ores is known as smelting. The process requires melting point heat. 

     Classification of the industry on the basis of

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